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Our Projects

Our engagement extends beyond commercial interests; we are deeply committed to projects that reflect our core values and contribute positively to the broader community.  Our involvement in socially impactful initiatives underscores our dedication to sustainability, innovation, and nurturing future talent.

Why We Are Involved


  • To Lead by Example - Our projects demonstrate that business success and ethical practices can coexist, inspiring others to embrace similar values.

  • To Drive Impact - We are committed to making a significant impact in areas that matter—supporting environmental stewardship, enhancing education, and establishing standards for responsible business conduct.

  • To Uphold Our Values - These activities are extensions of our core values, helping us fulfil our mission of fostering an ethical, sustainable, and innovative landscape.


Through these socially impactful endeavours, Dovetail Creative contributes to the broader conversation on sustainability and responsibility in business. We believe in the power of our actions to create a better world and reinforce the idea that business can be a force for good.

Our Key Social Impact Projects

Media Tech Sustainability Series (MTSS)

At the forefront of our efforts to instil sustainable practices within the media tech industry, the Media Tech Sustainability Series is committed to catalysing positive change. It promotes sustainability, innovation, and responsible business practices, bringing together industry leaders to foster a commitment to environmental stewardship and ethical operations.


Corporate Star Awards

The Corporate Star Awards recognise outstanding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) achievements in the Broadcast, Media, and Entertainment sectors. These awards celebrate those who are leading the way toward a more sustainable future, highlighting the importance of responsible business practices in our industry.

Rise Academy

Focused on securing the future workforce for the Broadcast, Media, and Entertainment sectors, Rise Academy targets young individuals from school to university age. It engages them through a variety of educational programs and activities designed to spark interest and excitement about the industry, promoting diversity and inclusion.

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