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Media Engagement

The world does not need another generalist PR agency. We harness the power of digital technology to enhance and amplify your media engagement strategy. Unlike traditional PR agencies, we blend advanced digital outreach techniques with personal interactions to ensure your message stands out in the crowded media landscape.

  • Design and deliver a program of activity that engages media contact on a year-round basis

  • Create a personal approach to drive press engagement around key business announcements and case studies   

  • Regular virtual media briefings or round - table sessions

  • In-person briefings at all trade shows throughout the year

  • Delivery of press dinners at key events

  • Develop your press database of contacts to enable ongoing communications

Media Engagement
Media Engagement via Social Media

Our services include

Digital Media

Crafting bespoke digital strategies to maximise your media presence and audience engagement.

Virtual Event

Utilising cutting-edge technology to host virtual press conferences and events that offer real-time interaction and global reach.


Reaching out to journalists and media outlets through digital channels, ensuring high visibility without the constraints of physical events.

Interactive Content Creation

Producing engaging content that captivates and informs, from dynamic press releases to immersive multimedia presentations.


Providing actionable insights with real-time analytics to measure impact and refine strategies.

Case study highlight: EVS goes virtual

EVS Case Study.jpg

In a pioneering move, EVS partnered with us to shift their traditional in-person press conference to a fully virtual format. This strategic pivot allowed them to directly engage with media professionals without the noise and distractions of a trade show. The virtual setting enabled live interactions, making the press feel as though they were in the room with EVS’ leadership, all from the comfort of their own offices or homes

Award Applications

With company resources sometimes stretched, putting your business forward for awards is not always top of mind. However, an award serves as third-party validation - and raises your profile among (prospective) customers, competitors and employees alike. Depending on how prestigious the award is, it could give a stamp of approval on your business. Customers and vendor partners will feel better about their business relationship with your company. Awards can be an overlooked tool in your business toolbox. Simply being listed as a nominee for an award can improve brand awareness and promote your business to new customers. Winning an award opens doors to new business and new contacts.

Award applications

As the awards process can vary anywhere from simple to long-winded, Dovetail Creative is here to support you. We offer a complementary awards application service to take the hassle out of the task. We have a track record in creating awards applications that ensure our clients stand out from the crowd resulting in shortlist status and many of which going on to be the overall winner!

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